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Науки о культуре: онтология целостности vs феноменология дискретности

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The article considers the understanding of contradiction existing in sciences of culture. From one point of view, the culture may and has to be presented as a complete phenomenon. But in reality it’s just a bunch of separate artifacts. The methodology of scientific knowledge can’t cope with this dilemma completely. First of all, the subject itself is different in comparison with subjects of empirical and positive sciences. A correction of the concept of reality is necessary in the cognition of culture.

Об авторе

Евгений Георгиевич Соколов
Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет

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Соколов Е.Г. Науки о культуре: онтология целостности vs феноменология дискретности. Философские науки. 2013;(10):38-50.

For citation:

Sokolov E. The Cultural Sciences (Kulturwissenschaften): Ontology of Wholeness vs. Phenomenology of Discreteness. Russian Journal of Philosophical Sciences. 2013;(10):38-50. (In Russ.)

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